Honda Click 125i | JVT V3 Power Pipe + Stock ECU Remap

Looking to take your Honda Click 125i’s performance to the next level, be sure to check out my JVT V3 Power Pipe review.

What exactly is a power pipe, and how does it work?

Essentially, a power pipe is a performance-enhancing modification that helps to increase airflow and improve engine efficiency. Channeling the exhaust fumes through a larger diameter pipe helps increase the engine’s volumetric efficiency which in turn allows the engine to make more power.

As a result, scooters equipped with a power pipe can see a significant increase in speed and acceleration. JVT V3 Power Pipe is one of the leading power pipes on the market today. In this vlog, I’ve installed one on my Honda Click 125i and tested the gained speed and power.

In addition to the JVT V3 Power Pipe, another great way to improve your scooter’s performance is through stock ECU remapping. This is a process whereby the electronic control unit of your scooter is tuned specifically for improved performance. As with the power pipe, this can lead to significantly increased speed and acceleration.

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  • Scoot: Honda Click 125i V2, Honda Beat FI V2





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