Cranns Zero 6: Budget Disc Lock for Smaller Bikes and Scooters

Cranns Zero 6

Someone recently asked me what brand of disc lock I use, and I’m happy to share that I rely on the Cranns VP6. In my opinion, it’s one of the best on the market, thanks to its alarm feature and unique construction. It’s particularly effective for big bikes. [Learn more about this product here]

Cranns has also introduced a new version, the Cranns Zero 6, which is more affordable and perfect for smaller bikes like Vespas and scooters such as the Honda Beat or Honda Click.

Here are the standout features of the Cranns Zero 6:

Specialized Lock Body Design:

The Zero 6 is specifically designed for bikes that aren’t compatible with standard locks. For example, Vespa scooters have a unique wheel and brake structure, and the Zero 6 fits them perfectly.

Enhanced Security with Unique Shape:

Constructed from premium stainless steel, the Zero 6’s “C” shape design not only enhances its structural strength but also adds an extra layer of defense against theft attempts. This innovative design, combined with its 6mm push-down locking mechanism and disk detainer type key, renders the Zero 6 exceptionally difficult to cut or breach. Whether faced with grinders or other cutting tools, the robust construction and advanced locking system of the Zero 6 ensure maximum security.

Compact Disc Space Design:

The compact design of the disc space in the Zero 6 serves as a strategic advantage in thwarting theft attempts. By minimizing the amount of space available for leverage, this innovative feature significantly increases the difficulty for potential thieves to forcibly break the lock. With less room to maneuver and apply force, any attempts to breach the Zero 6’s security are met with heightened resistance.

Innovative “FORCE GUIDE” Key Cylinder:

Last but not the least, a ForceGuard Locking System is meticulously crafted within the lock cylinder. It is engineered to withstand substantial force. So, when someone forcibly inserts a tool, such as screwdriver, into the keyway to pry open the lock, this specialized element is designed to fracture.

This fracture triggers the lock to pivot freely, rendering futile any subsequent attempts to unlock it, even with the original key. This failsafe mechanism ensures that once breached, the lock remains steadfast, effectively immobilizing and safeguarding your prized possessions.

Overall, it’s evident that Cranns Zero 6, is a force to be reckoned with. Its innovative features, from the specialized lock body design to the unique shape and advanced locking mechanisms, are truly impressive. I highly recommend this especially if you live in or frequently park in areas with questionable security.

Additionally, the Cranns Zero 6 comes at a reasonable price and includes a tether or reminder cable, signaling the presence of the disc lock and prompting you to remove it before using your bike.

For those in the Philippines, I recommend purchasing from TikTok. If you’re located in other countries, you can buy it through Shopee or directly from the Cranns website.


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