CVT Tuning

ADV 160 - CVT Check & Torque To Spec

ADV 160 | CVT Check & Torque To Spec

Time to check if the Honda ADV 160 has any CVT issues before I can take it out on an adventure. I’ve experienced the plunge of a CVT nut slipping off before, that’s why I decided to buy my own torque wrench. In this vlog, I’ll show you how to check your own CVT and the torque values for each part.  

Speedtuner Winbell Super Oil

Speedtuner Wingbell & Super Oil 10w50 by Mickey Mazo

Honda Beat CVT Upgrade Part 2! SPEEDTUNER WINGBELL & SUPER OIL 10W50 by Mickey Mazo bought from Em David. Installation and first impression with a couple hundred kilometers break-in review. Next up? FLYBALLS TUNING!


Speedtuner Pulley Set by Mickey Mazo

Honda Beat CVT Upgrade! SPEEDTUNER PULLEY SET by Mickey Mazo. Installation and tuning tips with 500km break-in review. Next up? SPEEDTUNER WINGBELL and SUPER OIL 10W50 from Em David!

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